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Lisandra Tayloe, Ed.D.


Three years ago if you would have asked me what I was going to do with my life, I would have told you with absolute certainty that I was going to be a full-time college professor and help the future teacher leaders of tomorrow become excellent administrators.

Two years after earning my Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership, and after eleven years of teaching high school students, I realized that the emotional tax of teaching high school was not one I could much longer bare. I decided to leave the public education profession and teach only at the higher-education level, something I started doing in 2017 and still do on a part-time basis. As I thought when I first set out to become a college professor, teaching college students brings me great joy. And even though I do not teach education courses, but rather Spanish language, the rewards of doing so have been immense. I now teach many of my former high school students and feel that my impact is much more direct in this type of setting.

So why real estate? Well, the honest answer is that my husband and I decided to move to from St. Augustine, FL to Southwest Florida in 2010 and raise our family here. We were determined to make a life for ourselves in the Venice, FL area. The higher education market is highly competitive and as many of you know, the Venice, FL area is not known for its assortment of colleges and universities. With that being said, we decided that we wanted to stay and would make it work here, versus uprooting and moving our triplet daughters to a large, new city.

While contemplating my next career move, I started to take notice of friends and family members feedback. I have always loved teaching people, I am very outgoing, honest and caring, extremely focused and organized, possess integrity, am loyal, and as they said, smart (I guess that’s true). All of these skills, people said, skills of an educator, are easily transferable to real estate, people said. At first I brushed the idea off. “Yeah, OK. Why would an educator want to engage in real estate?,” I asked.

As time went by, there it was; the thought of working in real estate in the back of my mind. During a semester recess I decided to take the real estate course, secretly. In 2018, after passing the real estate course, I told my husband that I had decided to help people in a new way; I would become a real estate professional. He was very excited; he has always been my biggest fan!

And so, fast forward to today. I am a new type of educator, a real estate educator (as well as a real estate transaction facilitator). I help people from all walks of life make their first home purchase, find a new home; find a home away from home in beautiful Southwest Florida; turn vacation dreams into reality; help buyers through the purchase process and sellers through the home-selling process. My philosophy as a Realtor® is that consumers should make educated decisions when buying or selling a home. I will always be an educator first; my customers know this about me. I am here to help fill in the gaps to their real estate knowledge, help facilitate their home selling or purchase experience, and make the experience a memorable one.

Thank you for reading. If you or anyone you know is considering selling or purchasing a home in the Southwest Florida region, please reach out me. I am always available to help answer your questions. And, don’t forget, YO HABLO ESPAÑOL.  

With much gratitude,


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